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Technical organization of conferences, summits and congresses. The services include technical support, hire and rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment, sound, lighting and video equipment, construction stages and truss. We also provide counseling services in the development of technical documentation, drawings and schedules for the preparation of tenders and business events.

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 Any conference or seminar from 50 people requires minimal technical support.

Starting with the voice acting, which includes radio microphones and acoustic equipment in the room and ending with summits of up to 5,000 people, where several sets of equipment are established, such as the Congress of the system (desktop discussion units system and (or) radio microphones in the hall), system simultaneous translation (panels interpreters, infrared receivers for multi-channel transfer) Audio equipment (complex acoustic monitors and systems for sound reinforcement large halls such as Line Array), video data display equipment systems (seamless plasma screens, projection screens, video projector, presentation management system - clickers, etc.)

Let's look at several types of activities that we would like to organize in terms of equipment ...

1. Small conference seminar to 50 people, possibly with consecutive interpretation:

First of all the spectators or participants should clearly hear the speaker or speakers - for this we need to put the sound equipment, which in its simplest form would include a system of acoustic monitors (speakers) are uniformly spaced around the room and connected to the mixing console, which performs the function information 2-3 radio microphones and (or) conference discussion units (desktop microphone) into a single entity, and to adjust the audio level control and microphone feedback from speakers (squeak). Next - we need to show at the event, such as video presentations or commercials - here we need a video projector and screen. Given the small number of people and the type of seating, assign one or two screens, such as the size of 2h3m and one or two projectors, power 3000ANSI Lumen. Connect them to a laptop laptop and remote radio control (clicker) system. Now the minimum set for the conference or seminar is ready.

2. A small international conference-workshop to 50 people with the use of simultaneous translation:

See Example №1 - we are ready to work in the "flora", the so-called Hall. But there's a problem - an international seminar or conference with simultaneous translation, say, two languages, for example, Russian and English. We have 50 members, plus speakers or speakers that need to hear the questions of the audience in their own language. In this case, a circuit is added simultaneous translation system. which itself includes a wireless infrared receivers equipped with headphones in the required amount, interpreter consoles - with two languages, for our conditions quite 2 console and a cabin interpreter, but by European standards 4 console and two interpreter booths, CPU radiator system (radiators) Infrared communication and which is transmitted multichannel translation. However, if you have the alignment table (setup) U-shaped or round table, then the system and infrared receivers do not need - our discussion console have a built-interpretation. Just need to be set for each participant discussion console, which is equipped with a microphone, speaker and switch interpretation channels - just need to connect it to the headset, which is included in the package - this measure will significantly save budget funds.

3. International Conference for 200 participants, many days:

Now we have to take care not only in the construction of circuits and quantitative data on the device, but also to approach from the standpoint of preparation of an organizer, as organizational aspects such as the choice of meeting rooms for as many participants have already become quite a challenge. If we have not described above such important factors as the design and branding of the conference and additional light television equipment, then such events are impossible without these complexes, especially if there is the TV version. Lighting equipment - his number is assigned depending on the backdrop of the Presidium of the size (large format printing banners with logos and names of conferences) and from television requirements. In addition, there is a question about the mounting of lighting equipment, as according to the rules it should shine from top to bottom (about 45 degrees) to the presidium and rostrum n speech. Accordingly, depending on the site of the parameters - necessary to understand the sizes and the number of video screens, the type (or rear projection frontoproektsionnye) and power video projectors. Increasing the number of simultaneous language translation directly affects the number of cabins and equipment for interpreters, and an increase in simultaneous translation channels (languages) affects the type provided by the devices - and according to the price. One important services is the audio recording of the event or multi-channel audio format for international - to our company's services include the use of such devices, which immediately issued a digital recording in mp3 format. Select the type of backdrop scenes, and general branding activities separate issue which can be resolved by managers of our company.

4. Large summits and congresses:

The events of 1000 participants and 5000, usually at the state level include several areas for meetings, press conferences, plenary sessions and preparatory committees, where applicable all equipment complexes - a sound, video, lighting equipment, conference systems , simultaneous interpretation equipment, stage floors, metal and exhibition design. In the preparation of such events can not do without the participation of our management of the company, especially if the organizer of the English language (the use of standard translators often useless because there are a lot of nuances and terms that are not available to them), except that the preparation of such a level requires numerous meetings, and further details, are affected by the external environment or related suppliers.


 In any case - with or without experience in the preparation and holding of conferences, we strongly recommend that you refer to the technical equipment of experts for advice. Even for an experienced organizer are always "pitfalls" and the success and failure of any event lie in the details, which may be provided, or miss during the preparations. Having vast experience in technical support, our specialists are always happy to come to the aid and advise the best equipment, with which we will hold your event at the highest level.

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